Forest Management at Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge and the Dartmouth Second College Land Grant

Event Date: 
Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - 09:00 to Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 14:00

Forest Management at Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge and the Dartmouth Second College Land Grant

Register today for the Tuesday-Wednesday June 20-21, 2017 at Umbagog NWR and Dartmouth Forest, near Errol, New Hampshire

Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge - Tuesday, June 20

Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge showcases science-based, adaptive management in a working forest landscape. This field tour will include:

  • Background and site history
  • Planning environment
  • Biological goals, history, prescriptions, results, economics
  • Forest management (including silviculture, inventory, site suitability (ESDs))
  • Site visit to early successional management unit (AKA. Woodcock Focus Area)
  • Site visit to late successional management unit

The field tour at Umbagog will run approximately 9:00-4:00, followed by a cookout and campout at the Dartmouth Forest.

Dartmouth Second College Land Grant - Wednesday, June 21

Dartmouth's Second College Land Grant is a 27,000-acre forest managed since the early 1800s for softwood, multiple-use forestry, and ecosystem-based management. Today, this unique woodland is managed to be a model of environmentally sound private land stewardship, reflective of the ecology, landscape, and culture of the northern forests of New Hampshire and New England. This field tour will include stops at hardwood and softwood sites managed to retain ecological principles and natural tendencies, emphasizing the growth of long-rotation, high-quality forest products that contribute to the economy of northern New Hampshire. The Dartmouth Forest also provides education, research, and recreational opportunities to visitors.

The field tour at Dartmouth will run approximately 8:00-2:00.

Cost: $40 includes lunch and dinner on 6/20 and breakfast and lunch on 6/21. 

Lodging: $20/person/night for cabin lodging at Dartmouth Forest.


CEUs: 6/20/17 -- Forest Management at Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge has been assigned 5.0 category 1 CFE credits. 6/21/17 -- Forest Management at Dartmouth Second College Land Grant has been assigned 4.5 category 1 CFE credits.

For more information, contact Amanda Mahaffey, or (207)432-3701.

Photo credits: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service