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Asian Long Horned Beetle Tree of Heaven Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Jubata grass Garlic Mustard Asian Bittersweet Emerald Ash Borer Common Buckthorn

Guess the Invasive
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Guess the Invasive

 Emerald Ash Borer, Eric Day forestryimages 5382310

 Gypsy Moth Eggs, Chris Evans forestryimages 5132083

 Kudzu, Kerry Britton forestryimages 0002156

 Japanese Stilt Grass, James Miller forestryimages 2308026


Forest Wisdom issue 13

Further information related to Forest Wisdom issue 13

Invasive Plants and Animals mentioned in Forest Wisdom 13

Invasive Plants

Native Plants that May Become Problems in a Changing Climate

Invasive Insects

Native Insects that May Become Problems in a Changing Climate

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