Welcome to the Forest Stewards Guild

Inspiring Youth & Conserving Forests

Through our Forest Stewards Youth Corps, we put young people to work protecting, restoring, and enhancing America’s great outdoors. We provide career training in natural resources for 16-25 year olds from areas that have few employment opportunities. Through training from Guild staff and our partners and hard work on the ground, our crewmembers develop important outdoor skills in forest management, fire ecology, watershed health, and wildlife ecology.  Help us expand our program and inspire even more youth!

Forest Stewards Youth Corps

Do you like the outdoors and need a summer job? Apply to the Forest Stewards Youth Corps (FSYC) program! The Forest Stewards Guild is now accepting applications for both Crew Member and Crew Leader positions. In 2017, there will be six FSYC crews based out of the Cuba, Mt. Taylor, Jemez, Las Vegas/Pecos, Española, and Mountainair U.S. Forest Service ranger districts. Crews will have 5-8 Crew Members and one Crew Leader. The program will run for 9 weeks from May 30th until July 28th.

A Note from Our Director

Growing Our Guild Community in 2017

To Our Members and Supporters,

As I reflect on what we have achieved together, I've realized what many of our members already know: the Guild is much more than a professional society - we're a community of people from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines who share a common goal of conserving forests for all their values. As members, supporters, and partners of the Guild, you are an important part of that community. This year, we’re planning a number of activities to build on that strength.

2016 Annual Review

Inside the pages of the 2016 Forest Stewards Guild Annual Review, you’ll find Guild Staff and partners putting forest stewardship principles into action. We’re reaching from coast to coast with program staff now deepening our roots in five regions of the country. And while we’re excited about our expanding reach, we know that the real difference we make is with people.

Bottomland Hardwood Forest Management

Bottomland hardwood forests are critically important to biodiversity, wildlife, carbon storage, recreation, and clean water in the Southeastern U.S. Unfortunately, these forests are exceptionally threatened by land conversion, invasive species, raising temperatures, more frequent intense storms, and altered hydrology. The Forest Stewards Guild's new report, Ecological Forestry Practices for Bottomland Hardwood Forests of the Southeastern U.S., combines scientific knowledge with boots-on-the-ground experience to produce meaningful, solution-oriented tools that can help improve the stewardship of this resource. This work would not have been possible without the members of our bottomland hardwoods working group, field forum participants, and reviewers.

Putting the Forest First

From Humboldt County, California, to Aroostook County, Maine, we are the stewards for America’s finest forests.

We invite you to join us.

From our beginnings over thirty years ago, the Forest Stewards Guild has recognized that maintaining healthy, productive forests is the best investment we can make in promoting the wellbeing of people and forest communities. Our work includes hands-on forest stewardship, education and training, research, policy advocacy, and promoting professional practice – all based on high ethical standards and our unique mission of “putting the forest first.”