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The Ecological Forestry Resource Center provides web-based access to the tools foresters and affiliated professionals need to practice sound management and serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas and practices.

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Region-specific tools are catalogued in the Regional Guides.

 Management Plans
One of the goal of the Ecological Forestry Resource Center is to provide land managers with the tools to build management plans that sustain ecological, economic, and social systems. The structure of a management plan is driven by regulation and landowner needs, and the following links provide some guidance for important considerations: Example Management Plans: Certification  ^ Climate Change & Carbon Sequestration  ^ Conservation Easements  ^

Digital Mapping links from Michigan Tech  ^

Ecological Classification Systems / Habitat Typing / Natural Communities  ^   Economics & Prices  ^  

Forest Health & Invasives  ^

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National legislation and regulations  ^

Forestry Glossaries  ^

Forestry Resources for Kids   ^

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Natural Disturbance and Stand Development Principles for Ecological Forestry - A new report written by Jerry Franklin, Brian Palik, and Robert Mitchell helps define, explain, and make a case for ecological forestry. The report presents a scientific basis for ecological forestry and a conceptual foundation for its wide implementation.