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Forest Wisdom is the Guild's national publication that covers emerging issues in forestry, policy developments, and members' work across the country.

Research Publications include syntheses of existing literature to answer policy questions. The Guild also conducts novel studies that advance the practice of excellent forestry. See our Research Program page for more information.

Across the Landscape is the Guild's bimonthly electronic newsletter that features shorter updates on Guild activities and events.

Building Bridges is a newsletter of the Membership and Policy Council

The Guild also adopts policy statements and position statements on pertinent forestry topics through votes of its members and the Membership and Policy Council.


Forest Wisdom

Issue 20, October, 2012 — Innovative Forestry
Issue 19, March, 2012 — Restoration
Issue 18, September, 2011 — Sustainable Biomass Guidelines
Issue 17, May, 2011 — Recreation
Issue 16, November, 2010 — Fire
Issue 15, June, 2010 — Ecosystem Services
Issue 14, August, 2009 — Managing Forests for Wildlife and Biodiversity
Issue 13, March 2009 — Invasive Species
Issue 12, December 2008 — The Southeast
Issue 11, September 2008 — Woody Biomass from Forests
Issue 10, June 2008 — Land Protection
Issue 9, February 2008 — Forestry in the Lake States
Issue 8, December 2007 — Climate Change
Issue 7, September 2007 — Pacific Coast Forests and Forestry
Issue 6, June 2007 — Community Forestry
Issue 5, February 2007 — The Forest Guild
Issue 4, June 2006 — Silviculture in Maine and Redwood Country
Issue 3, December 2005 — Water
Issue 2, June 2005 — Fire, Building a Community of Interest, Landscape Planning in the Southwest
Issue 1, September 2004 — Southwestern Pine, South Carolina Coastal Plains, and Roadless
Areas Conservation

Before September 2004, the Guild’s newsletter was called Distant Thunder.
Distant Thunder #16, Spring 2004 — Facets of Forest Health
Distant Thunder #15, Spring 2003 — Working with All the Parts
Distant Thunder #14, Winter 2003 — The Many Faces of Silviculture
Distant Thunder #13, Summer 2002 — Securing Our Forested Lands
Distant Thunder #12, Spring 2002 — Restoration Forestry: Fixing What’s Broken.

Research Publications

Across the Landscape 

Across the Landscape (ATL) has expanded to include more regional news items and short articles that members contribute. If you are sending a reprint, please include the original source information (the publication where it appeared and original date, title, and author). Your comments, suggestions, and questions are always welcome. We also accept guest op-eds and letters related to articles previously published in Forest Wisdom or ATL.
Please email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ; or send to:
Marcia Summers, Forest Guild, PO Box 519, Santa Fe, NM 87504.
Any questions, please call Marcia at 505-983-8992 x 20.

Dec 2013 — Forest Guild Controlled Burn, Eytan Krasilovsky SW Dir, New Jersey Conference, Lake States meeting, Pacific meeting

Aug 2013 — Sustainable biomass, Youth Conservation Corps, Upcoming events, Profile of intern Sumitra Shinde, Cultural resources and fire, Publications Briefly Noted

Dec 2012 — MPC election, Lakes States Meeting, webinar review, Northeast Field tours, Profile: Amanda Mahaffey, Community Forestry in Nepal, Publications Briefly Noted

May 2012 — Remembering Fed Hunt, Looking ahead to the Guild's future, SW fire conference, News from the NE, Managing Black Ash Forests in the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Era, Partnership with the ShadeFund

January 2012 — Southeast Biomass Harvesting Guidelines nearing completion; Harry Dwyer honored, MPC election results, Guild announces new photo contest, Profile of Guild member Stephen Montgomery, Guild social media and webinar opportunities.

October 2011 — Lakes States Meeting, Northeast regional meeting, Profile of Guild forester Darcie Mahoney, Forest Guild Youth Conservation Corps, Working Forest Conservation Easements, UVM & New Mexico Restoration, National Rural Assembly

June 2011 — Dedication held in Aitkin County for first Lake States region Model Forest; Profile of Guild forester Mark Jacobs; Northeastern Founders Circle Meeting; Guild member Lynn Levine’s new children’s book; Peers, Professionals, and Credibility: a Guild member’s perspective; Fire Science Knowledge Exchange Consortia; Publications briefly noted.

December 2010 — Profile of Guild Forester Mark Miller, Conservation Innovation Grant, MPC elections, new research on invasives, NE Director’s Notes, and Publications Briefly Noted.

July/September 2010 — National Meeting Highlights, Guild YCC Crew, Upcoming Webinars on Voluntary Carbon Market and Forest Carbon Cycle, MN Conference on Carbon; Upcoming PNW Regional Meeting, New DVD Released on Role of Fire and Working Forests; Report on Controlling Invasive Plants in Vermont’s Managed Forests, NE Director’s Notes, and Publications Briefly Noted.

April/June 2010 — Preview of the Guild National Meeting, Mike DeBonis Participates in Washington DC Events, Pollinator-friendly Practices, Guild Members in the News, Mastication Webinar Summary, New Guild/UVM Partnership, NE Director’s Notes, and Publications Briefly Noted.

January/March 2010 — Forest Guild Biomass Policy Statement Approved; Save the Date for the National Meeting June 16-19; NJ CFN Workshop Resounding Success; Guild Members in the News; Guild Members Invited to Field Test New Landowner Engagement Tool; YCC Alumnus Success Story; SW Fire Consortium Upcoming Events; Guild Works on NM Statewide Assessment.

November/December 2009 — Mike DeBonis Named New Forest Guild Director; Save the Date for the 2010 Forest Guild National Meeting; MPC Elections Underway; NJ CFN Ecological Forestry Workshop; Helping to Save the Butternut Tree; NE Region Director’s Notes; A Guild Maine Workshop; Wood-Using Do’s and Don’ts in the SW; Guild Joins SW Fires Science Consortium; Publications Briefly Noted.

September/October 2009 — New Mexico Thermal Biomass Workshop, Zena Model Forest Update, Minnesota Intermediate Treatment Tour, New Mixed-Conifer Studies, Profile of the Goodrich Tree Farm (Guild Model Forest), Book Review of The Wild Garden, A Guild Member's Perspective on the Pacific Northwest Region meeting in British Columbia, Publications Briefly Noted.

July/August 2009 — Forest Guild to Conduct Fuel Treatment Research, Mike DeBonis Named Interim E.D., PNW Meeting in British Columbia; Save the Date for SE Regional Meeting, Guild Board Members Tour Santa Fe Watershed, Jubata Grass Removal in Mendocino County, Director's Notes from the NE, Publications of Interest, New Guild Research Publications.

May/June 2009 — NE Regional Meeting Recap, SE Regional Meeting, NW Regional Gathering in British Columbia, Notes from the NE Region,  Publications Briefly Noted, State of National Forestry Policy, A Guild Member's Look at Biochar, Forest Certification Systems in Nepal,  Educating Youth Through the Guild's YCC Program, Profile of Joe Lee Tract Model Forest in North Carolina

March/April 2009 — Preview of the Northeast Regional Meeting, Research Update: Climate Change, Southeast Regional Meeting, Costs of Forest Restoration in the SW, Washington and California Guild Events, Bussman Model Forest.

January/February 2009 — Guild National Meeting, New Mexico Climate Change Workshop, Up coming Guild meetings, Model Forest: Great Mountain, Rural Voices for Conservation.

September/October 2008 — Biomass Issues, NM Climate Change Workshop, Medocino Fire Use Task Force, Belton Model Forest, Publications of Interest, Wildfire Protection Planning, Lois Manno.

July/August 2008 — A Tribute to Fred Hunt, Gould Farm Model Forest, Upper Peninsula Forestry
Explored, Green Builders Tour, Arcata Community Model Forest, Arthur Carhart, Summer Interns, Publications of Interest.

May/June 2008 — Western Week in Washington, Acrata Community Forest, Regional Guild Meetings, Japanese Stiltgrass, Carbon Research.

March/April 2008 — Annual Meeting, Lake States Meeting, Congressional Testimony, CWPP Planning Guide, Ecological Forestry, Pioneer Forest, Northwest Region Meeting.

January/February 2008 — Climate Change and Carbon Report, Aimee Abby, Model Forest: Tree Shepherd Woods, Southeast Meeting, MPC Elections.

November/December 2007 — Ecological Forestry, GoodShop, Northeast Community Wood Energy Project, Pacific Northwest Meeting, Restoration of Ponderosa Pine Forests.

September/October 2007 —  Northeast Regional Meeting, Kenneth Baldwin: New Pacific West Region Director, Student Outreach Project, Biomass Research Project, Guest Opinion: Forest, Culture, and Sustainability.

July/August 2007 — Guild Meetings and Field Tours, Student Outreach Project, Climate Change Initiative, Collaborative Forest Restoration Map.

May/June 2007 — Guild Meetings, Collaborative Landscape Planning for Forests, Professional Membership Survey Completed, Finding Patterns in Natural Disturbances.

March/April 2007 — Developing a Guild Strategic Plan, A Changing Climate for Forests , On the Road for the Guild, Kevin Whitlock: New Pacific Region Director, Members Approve Guidelines Changes, Upcoming Guild Field Workshops in the Northeast.

January/Febuary 2007 — A Guild Model Forest at Work: Crummies Creek Tree Farm, Unintended Consequences of "Common Sense": Guild Weighs in on Oregon Measure 37, Vermont Members: Expanding a Traditional Use Value Appraisal Program.

November/December 2006 — New Executive Director Howard Gross, Annual Meeting, Membership and Policy Council Elections.

Building Bridges 

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Forest Wisdom Issue 20

From oak restoration to natural regeneration of loblolly pine to linking the supply chain though a forest partnership, this issue of Forest Wisdom, encapsulates what is best about the Forest Guild—humility, openness to trying new things, and a willingness to share knowledge to benefit the practice of forestry. Read the issue here.