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Ecological Forestry in Durango, Mexico

During the week of June 6th, the Guild’s Research Director, Zander Evans, travelled to Durango, Mexico to talk about ecological forestry. He was invited to participate in the North American Forest Commission’s silviculture working group meeting. The meeting was hosted by Mexico’s Comisión Nacional Forestal and featured participants from the Canadian and US forest services. Zander shared the Guild’s research on mixed conifer forests and our experience working with communities on sustainable forest management. Other presentations focused on new efforts in Mexico to integrate increased protection of biodiversity into community managed forests – a theme very familiar to Guild members.

2015 Southwest fire season

Fewer acres burned in wildfire in the Southwest in 2015 than the average for the preceding decade and most of the area burned at low severity. The snowpack from the 2014/2015 winter was below normal, but the El Niño pattern combined with other factors to drive a moist spring and minimize windy and dry conditions. Prescribed fires covered 120,066 acres or 37% of the total acres burned in 2015, the highest percentage of acres burned in the Southwest since 2003.

Bottomland Hardwood Forest Management

Bottomland hardwood forests are critically important to biodiversity, wildlife, carbon storage, recreation, and clean water in the Southeastern U.S. Unfortunately, these forests are exceptionally threatened by land conversion, invasive species, raising temperatures, more frequent intense storms, and altered hydrology. The Forest Stewards Guild's new report, Ecological Forestry Practices for Bottomland Hardwood Forests of the Southeastern U.S., combines scientific knowledge with boots-on-the-ground experience to produce meaningful, solution-oriented tools that can help improve the stewardship of this resource. This work would not have been possiblehe without the members of our bottomland hardwoods working group, field forum participants, and reviewers.

Forest Stewards Guild 2016 National Meeting


Save the date! July 13-15, 2016 in Duluth, MN

The Forest Stewards Guild 2016 National Meeting and Minnesota Society of American Foresters Summer Meeting is happening in Duluth, MN and surrounding field sites July 13-15, 2016. The theme of Restoration, Conservation, and Collaboration has led us to also join forces with The Nature Conservancy Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan Chapters for this event. This is a gathering you won't want to miss!

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